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Longstone Tyres, Hudson's Yard, Doncaster Road, Bawtry, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK. DN10 6NX

Browse our site for classic cars, the history of vintage tyres & classic tyres, and details of the vintage tyres and classic tyres we are able to supply.

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Longstone Classic Tyres

Longstone Classic Tyres, nestling at the tip of the South Yorkshire Riviera, is home to a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for all things involved with vintage and classic car tyres. Their Bawtry warehouse is packed to the rafters with weird, wonderful and obscure vintage and classic tyres to fit all vehicles from Edwardian to a classic super car like a Lamborghini Countache. It is this knowledge and enthusiasm that has led to Longstone Classic Tyres appointment as a distributor for the Michelin classic range of tyres called Michelin Collection.

Since the birth of the motor car as we know it, Michelin have been regarded as pioneers. Be it the development of the detachable tyre in 1891, the radial 'X' tyre in 1946 or the classic Michelin TRX wheel and tyre combination of the '80s. Not only is Michelin's continuous contribution to the development of the pneumatic tyre without parallel, but their quality control of their classic tyres is unrivalled.

As classic car drivers we should be thankful that the major tyre manufacturers are still proud of their heritage and understand the value of fitting period tyres to classic cars, after all there isn't that much call these days for a 165x400 Michelin X classic radial tyre, an 820x120 Dunlop Chevron beaded edge veteran tyre, or a 525x21 Firestone vintage tyre! The fitting of period tyres to classic cars not only enhances their looks but, more importantly to us as drivers of classic cars, enhances the way they feel and communicate over the road.

Luckily the small band of merry gentlefolk at Longstone Classic Tyres understand the needs of a classic car owner as they themselves are completely addicted! Dougal (the boss) drives a 1928 Model A Ford as his everyday steed, with a Cortina on standby if it is really raining. His wife, Liz is still trying to squeeze four growing boys into her Austin 7 fabric saloon, Simon has a Lancia Beta Coupe that has so far escaped the dreaded tin worm and Andy has a 1925 Frazer Nash.

Whatever you require, be it classic tyres, inner tubes, advice or simply a cup of tea and a biscuit, then call Longstone Classic Tyres on 01302 711123. Or visit our website for a veritable goldmine of classic rubber information!

Longstone Classic tyres are distributors for the following tyres -

PIRELLI Classic tyres


Michelin Classic tyres

- Michelin Classic tyres
- Michelin DR
- Michelin Super Comfort
- Michelin X
- Michelin ZX
- Michelin XZX
- Michelin XAS
- Michelin XWX
- Michelin TRX
- Michelin TB15
- Michelin TB5

Firestone Classic tyres

- Firestone deluxe
- Firestone white walls
- Firestone Non Skid
- Firestone Driver

Dunlop Vintage tyres

- Dunlop Goldseal
- Dunlop Fort
- Dunlop B5
- Dunlop F4

Dunlop Classic tyres

- Dunlop RS5
- Dunlop SP Sport
- Dunlop Aquajet
- Dunlop ER/70VR15

Dunlop Racing Vintage Tyres

- Dunlop Racing triple stud
- Dunlop Racing 5-stud
- Dunlop Racing R5
- Dunlop Racing R6
- Dunlop Racing R7
- Dunlop Racing CR65
- Dunlop Racing CR48

Avon Classic Tyres

- Avon Turbospeed
- Avon Super Safety
- Avon Turbosteel
- Avon CR6ZZ

Vredestein Classic tyres

- Vredestein Sprint Classic
- Vredestein T track
- Vredestein Snow +

Excelsior Vintage tyres

- Excelsior Budget
- Excelsior Comp H
- Excelsior Comp V

B F Goodrich classic tyres

- B F Goodrich Silvertown
- B F Goodrich white wall tyres

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