Michelin Bibendum Tyres

Michelin Bibendum Vintage Tyres

Michelin Bibendum Vintage Tyres was Michelin's first technique of using wired on tyres. The Michelin Bibendum Vintage Tyres fit millimetric rim sizes with the well in the vintage Bibendum wheel only going 3/4 of the way around the vintage car wheel rim. Michelin Bibendum tyres cannot be fitted onto imperial rims.

Bibendum Tyres

45cm Rim Size

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Section Width
Price (ex VAT)
12x45 Michelin DR 728 143 £180.00
13x45 Michelin DR 738 151 £192.00
14x45 Michelin DR 738 155 £192.00
15/16x45 Michelin DR 794 184 £214.00

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